Lay-flat hoses for Mining, Groundwater & Agriculture

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The Ohrdrufer hose weaving mill Eschbach GmbH as a fully integrated manufacturer of lay-flat hoses produces a wide variety of hose qualities for industry, mining, agriculture, fire fighting and disaster control on an area of ​​15,000 square meters. All hoses are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials on the latest machines and can be integrated with all international couplings. With us you will find further special hoses as well as corresponding equipment and various accessories - all from a single source

  • Robust large diameter hoses for emergency dewatering of open-pit mines, tailings dams, basins
  • Reducing costs for groundwater pumping using single hoses (200m) instead of multiple tube segments
  • Transfer of potable water, milk and juice for industrial food production
  • Pumping of slurries with high solid content without internal erosion
  • Main supply for irrigation systems with UV-resistent hoses made from high performance PVC/Nitril and polyurethane
  • ​Distribution of stillage (refuse) from sugar-alcohol production using extremely robust single (300m) PU hoses
  • ​Fire fighting with hoses resistant of up to 900ºC for one hour
  • Fighting forest fires with specially designed self-wetting hoses