Sirens for Tailings dams, Hydroelectric Power Stations, Chemical Industry and Ports


Reliably alerting the public to imminent threats is our primary concern. This is what HÖRMANN Warnsysteme (Warning systems)represents with its experience of more than 60 years of development and production of sirens. Our products alert people around the world who face threats from dam breaks, floods, fires, tsunamis and toxic substances or other disasters.

Our experts will guide you through the process of planning, installing, commissioning and maintaining your electronic siren system:

  • Detailed Sound-Planning (number & power of sirens) to guarantee alert employees and population in the ZAS (at 70db)
  • Supply and installation of digital VHF radios and antennas for remote monitoring and activation
  • Determination of electrical supply (network or solar panel)
  • Connection for redundant electrical supply (generator) at siren pole
  • Supply and installation of siren poles with their respective grounding and lightning strikes
  • ​Supply and installation of sirens; which already include the local control panel with batteries
  • ​Interface for automated activation of sirens
  • Supply and installation of centralized control systems for the operating base for up to 999 sirens across whole Brazil