Sensors, Software, Systems & Services For Satellite-Based Precise Positioning Applications

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The Alberding A07 and A10 GPS/GNSS sensors combine the functionality of telemetry modules and RTK (Real-Time-Kinetic) receivers. Alberding GmbH has combined mobile data acquisition with precise (mm-cm) satellite-based positioning for monitoring of tailings dams, piers, railroad bridges and other important industrial infrastructures

  • Automated Geodetic Monitoring Software (AMoS)
  • Restricted access (online/Intranet) for managers
  • Alert messages (e-mail/sms) in case of anomalies
  • Post-processing (mm) and Real-Time (cm) solutions
  • GPS/GNSS buoys for automated water level measurement
  • ​Data transmission via mobile network (4G/5G, WiFi, rádio)

The Alberding A07-RTK and A10-RTK sensors combine telemetry and precise positioning, so that they can be used for mm accurate positioning as well as for cm-accurate real-time position data transmission.

The positions are displayed on a digital map and stored as required.