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About InnovBrazil

InnovBrazil is a Belém based consulting company founded in May 2016 by Dr. Bertram Heinze, a geologist with over 15 years experience in the field of International Technology Transfer and External Relations Management for public and private sectors in Germany, Russia and Brazil.

InnovBrazil developed expert knowledge of the North Brazilian mining market and established a broad network with mining and mineral logistics companies active in the region. We offer communication across different cultural backgrounds and develop the market and related business opportunities for you.

InnovBrazil is seeking to become the number one reference point for innovative solutions for the mining industry in the North of Brazil. We focus on the State of Pará where major investments into new mining projects are happening now! Pará combines vast territory with existing infrastrutures - roads, ports, railways, power lines and population centers. InnovBrazil develops this market for you!

We offer services in English, Portuguese and German.

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